There is always a time online in the afternoon.

There is always a time online in the afternoon.

The commentator of Bunny Tail’s live-stream had such a high understanding of the game. He even seriously did his homework and filled up the pre-match preparations. During the competition, he also seriously recorded the key points of the competition with a small notebook. The official commentator’s understanding of the game was fragmented, and yet no preparation was done?

This was called ‘attitude determines success or failure’. It was no wonder that the official game commentator’s understanding of the game was poor. Not only was his ability bad, but his attitude was also bad!

Many viewers held this view, so the ICL officials did not dare to be headstrong with the audience this time. They also did the surface job well.

Of course, these data were definitely real and useful.

Having more data was not a bad thing. The more data the official commentator displayed, the more it meant that they had made adequate preparations. After all, nothing was more convincing than a clear number.

Apart from that, the real-time data function that he had prepared before could be officially released.

Everything was ready. They were just waiting for the competition to officially begin in the afternoon.

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It was close to five in the afternoon. The live-streams of the ICL league on various live-stream platforms were connected to the live-streaming signal of the competition. The audience also received plane tickets from various live-stream platforms and watched the competition on time.

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There were still two competitions today. The competition at five in the afternoon was an unimportant one and FV Team’s competition was scheduled for the prime-time slot at seven in the evening.

This arrangement also took care of most people’s viewing time. The 7 PM slot at night, especially at 7 PM on the weekend, had the most audience. They definitely had to arrange as much time as possible for a celebrity team like FV.

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As for the official platform of the ICL league, the first competition could also allow the new commentator team to train and adapt in advance, so that they would not have to be too pressured to commentate the FV competition at the beginning. If something went wrong, it would be difficult to clean up.

“Good afternoon, everyone. Welcome to the ICL league’s second competition day in the third week of the spring competition…”

The official commentator still had the same opening speech as usual. However, the viewers in the various live-streams could sense that something had changed on the official commentary platform.

First of all, there was an additional person that was previously a contestant. Secondly, the commentary platform was no longer empty. It was also filled with information like the commentary platform on Bunny Tail Live-Stream.

After the opening speech, the commentator in charge of the venue also introduced the new commentator today to the audience: His current identity was still a professional player. This time, he had come to make a guest appearance in order to better interpret the game’s content and bring the audience a gaming experience.

Of course, ‘guest appearance’ was just an excuse to test the audience’s reaction.