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“That’s not right. He sounded like he was joking when he said that. What’s more, he did not emphasize that we have to make two pop-up cameras.”

“What’s more, no matter what, making two pop-up cameras is meaningless.”

Little Jiang said, “Boss Chang, this is obviously a hint from Boss Pei!”

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“The mechanical structure takes up too much space. One camera is enough. It would be meaningless to make two. However, the reason why Boss Pei mentioned this is obviously because he wants to create such a ‘symmetrical design’!”

“Boss Chang, do you think this design will work? The pop up camera will still be on the top of the long side. At the same time, we’ll make it into the right trigger. At the bottom of the long side, we’ll make a left trigger key.”

“This pop-up camera would only pop up in a few scenarios such as selfies and video conversations. In other scenarios, it would shrink back and only protrude a little. It would exist as a trigger button that could be pressed.”

“The left trigger will not be a pop-up camera. It feels the same as the right trigger button. It is wider than the other physical buttons and is protruding. You can press it. The rebound is strong and the buttons are longer. It can give players the best gaming experience.”

Chang You nodded in realization. “In other words, this cell phone is a game cell phone with two physical trigger buttons?”

Little Jiang nodded. “That’s right. What’s more, many points would be strung together if you did that!”

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“Our cell phones have to use the flagship microchips and piles of materials to the extreme. The battery capacity is also much larger than ordinary cell phones. It would be a serious waste to use such good performance to surf the web and chat. We definitely have to use it to play games.”

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The others in the conference room were inspired and began to speak freely.

“That’s right! The key problem with a popup camera is that the quality of the camera will not be particularly high, and male users who like to play games do not particularly care about this. This means that the proposal for a pop up camera is more suitable for gaming cell phones.”

“That’s right. The cell phone’s screen will definitely change from the traditional 16:9 to 19:9 or 19.5:9 since we’re using a Full Screen Display technology. That means the entire screen will become wider. For horizontal screen players, the view will be wider. This is also an advantage from traditional cell phones.”

“I think there’s another key point. What is Tengda’s core business? It’s a game!”

“When the time comes, we can link up with Tengda Games or Shang Yang Games to develop a racing or shooting mobile game. For example, the mobile version of The Lonely Desert Road or Ocean Stronghold. Then, we can make a special optimization for our cell phones... Wouldn’t that show our advantage?”

Chang You nodded repeatedly.

No wonder Boss Pei placed the pop up camera in this position. It was to remind us to make two shoulder keys!

The pop-up camera had a mechanical structure to begin with. Using this mechanical structure to make a physical shoulder key that was specially used for games could be considered as making the best use of it. It was more worth it than other cell phones that made pop-up cameras.

As for the left shoulder key, it did not have to be as big as the pop-up camera even though it also had a mechanical structure. Thus, it would not take up too much space. It was completely acceptable.