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“W-Why are you using Amano for your metaphor!”

Although I’m confused at the precise character selection, Nina-senpai really doesn’t seem to be implying anything more.

“Uh, it’s because the only ones that I’m both familiar and look down upon with are you and Keita Amano…”

“R-Really? Alright. So, what do you think? Well, …Nina-senpai, if you lose to Amano suddenly in a fighting game, how would you cheer yourself up…”

“Ay, it’s not about cheering up or not. I fundamentally don’t feel I’ll be depressed with that.”

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I let out a shocking sound at the unexpected answer, but Nina-senpai is giving me the same confused look as well. Eh, eh…? Is it because of the issue of me switching the subject from love to fighting games? My emotion right now doesn’t align with Nina-senpai’s answer at all.

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I was shaken as I questioned her.

“Um, well, after all, senpai is the most confident at her skills with fighting games. Then, …if you lose to a guy that doesn’t seem to have any experience suddenly, won’t you find it hard to just let it go?”

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“Well, I think I’ll never forget about it. But, if the reason for that is because of not being able to see my opponent’s experience. I won’t agree with that in the slightest.”

“W-What does that mean?”

“After all, in reality, I lost to the guy, right?”


An arrow just pierced into my chest. I-In reality, I lost…I…lost to Amano…

I plopped my head down depressingly as I mumbled with a pale face.

“Y-You’re right. I…really did lose…I should re-evaluate my actions…”

The reality is in front of me. I was a bit dispirited.

However, Nina-senpai was dumbfounded with my reaction as she responded.

“Like I’ve said before, I’m different from you. I won’t let myself to be that depressed. By the way, before you re-evaluate your actions, perhaps you should find the guy and talk it-“

Just as Nina-senpai naggingly told me her suggestion.