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A sharp voice restrained him.

「It’s too bothersome to argue with that thing right now. Moreover… It’s about time for Allen to arrive.」

「…I understand. Haa… The experiment of a precious demon subject…」

He dropped his shoulders dejectedly and stopped attacking.

「Hey, hermit of time. How about a cup of tea some other time?」

「Hyohoho! If it’s an invitation from a beautiful woman like you, I’ll even fly there!」

「Fufu, how flattering. Well then, let’s meet again next time.」

Then, Rize and Clown quietly left the place.

「Fuu, to drop by here just for caution’s sake turned out to be the correct answer.」the hermit of time whispered, dropping his gaze on Zerey, who was still lying at his feet.

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Then, he left a message in ancient letters so that only Zeon could read it.

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「Well, I guess I’ll go back to fishing…」

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And he disappeared into the forest, while dragging Zerey.