Online task makes money is true

Online task makes money is true

ZZ Live-Stream could do the same!

It was nothing more than using the existing live-stream platform as a foundation to make all the host spaces into their personal channels. Then, they would update the live-stream footage of the host on it!

This function should not be too troublesome to make.

The only problem was that not many people would watch the video. After all, most live-streams were more casual and not as concise as videos. The fun would plummet if they were recorded.

“Boss Pei must have considered this problem as well. What should Boss Pei do then...”

“Raise a group of people to do video editing for these streamers?”

“Yes, that’s most likely the case!”

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It would be unrealistic for the streamers to edit their own videos. After all, the streamers were busy with live-streams and did not have much time. Moreover, most of the streamers’ editing skills were not good.

Artificial intelligence Automated editing? The technology had not developed to that level yet. It was unlikely that it would happen in his lifetime.

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The only solution was to hire a group of people to help edit the videos.

However, this would involve a key problem: there were so many streamers. It would not be a small sum even if professional editing were only given to the key streamers. Each person would be given a salary of a few thousand yuan. Assuming that only 100 key streamers were given professional editing, it would cost hundreds of thousands of yuan per month. If they were given some performance awards, it would easily be millions of yuan.

They had to spend money to find talents with good editing skills if they wanted the effect to be good after all. Such talents had a wide range of paths to seek employment, and their salaries were generally not low. He could not hope to spend little money if he wanted to hire them.

However, after some consideration, Liu Liang felt that the money was worth it.

He would spend a million yuan every month to bet on the future.

What’s more, it was the future that Boss Pei saw.

At that thought, Liu Liang immediately called his subordinates to his office.