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It wasn’t like he had never done it before. The results weren’t any better than Meng Chang’s.

I can’t even succeed even if I were the one doing it. Forget it then.

Pei Qian sighed silently, feeling extremely melancholic.

It was precisely because his publicity plans were always inexplicably popular that he hoped to recruit Meng Chang under his wing and let a professional like Meng Chang work on reverse publicity for him.

In the end, why was it that Meng Chang, a professional, could not achieve it as well?

Meng Chang racked his brains last month to think of three publicity plans. In the end, the publicity effect got from good to better. There was no need to think about it. He could forget about getting a single cent in commission last month other than his base salary.

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If Pei Qian did not know that Meng Chang owed a huge sum of money, he would have thought that he was actually a person who did not care about fame and fortune.

However, Pei Qian would definitely not forgive Meng Chang because of this. It wasn’t easy for you, Meng Chang, but was it easy for me?

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Did you know how much trouble these promotional proposals would cause me with the popularity, the publicity effect, and the money earned?

How much effort would I have to put into getting rid of all these effects?

Pei Qian sighed softly and opened the reports from the various departments under Tengda. He began to think about how to clean up the mess that Meng Chang had left for him.

At that moment, the phone on the table rang.

Pei Qian picked it up and saw that it was Wu Yue from FV Club.

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“Boss Pei, I have something to report to you.”

“Finger Games has prepared a special fund because of the pressure of public opinion. They forced all clubs in ICL league to arrange the daily life and training of the players according to their standards...”

Pei Qian could not help but frown. “Eh? Pressure from public opinion?”

Wu Yue: “That’s right, Boss Pei. The promotional video for ‘Coming Out Of The Cocoon Without Becoming A Butterfly’ created huge public pressure. Finger Games’ ICL league must be matched with GPL in all aspects, so...”