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If the design team wanted to accept it, they could design the hero’s outer appearance. Otherwise, Pei Qian could think about moving Yasuo’s outer appearance over to GOG as well.

At that thought, Pei Qian began to type again. He did not enter the hero’s name or characteristics. Instead, he only typed out all of Yasuo’s skill mechanisms.

“Good. I’m done!

“I wonder if the team will accept it... Well, I’ll leave it to fate.”

Pei Qian had an account in GOG that was tied to his own identity. However, unless GOG’s project team intentionally looked it up, they would not know that the account belonged to him.

May 9th, Monday...

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Pei Qian woke up as usual and arrived at Fish-Catching Internet Cafe for his meal.

He switched on his phone and glanced at it. None of the posts that he had published had been accepted. Of course, none of the other heroes’ designs had been accepted as well.

Pei Qian was very satisfied because it meant that none of the members of GOG’s project team had worked overtime.

They would probably only see the posts when they officially resumed work today.

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In any case, Pei Qian did not have to worry. He could wait patiently. After having his meal, Pei Qian ordered a cup of coffee. He sipped it as he basked in the comfortable afternoon sun.

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Life is so satisfying.

If only my employees worked harder to incur losses for me. Then, it would be even more satisfying Just as Pei Qian was sipping his coffee, Ruan Guangjian walked in. Obviously, it was time for their routine coffee run. When Ruan Guangjian saw Boss Pei, he looked surprised. However, he soon grinned and sat opposite him.

“Boss Pei, you’re a rare guest!”

He studied Pei Qian’s expression carefully. “Boss Pei, that thing doesn’t seem to be bothering you.”

Pei Qian was befuddled. “What thing are you referring to?”

Ruan Guangjian confirmed that Boss Pei’s confusion was genuine and not an act.

“That’s right, Boss Pei. You’re extremely busy. You probably didn’t have time to keep an eye on those things. I’m referring to what happened to Tomorrow is Beautiful when it premiered overseas last weekend.”