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“If the warehouses are full, just rent a few more! How big of a problem is that?”

Zhang Wang had originally intended to ask Boss Pei for tips on how to sell all the Fully-Automated Bickering Machines off.

The last thing that he had expected was for Boss Pei not to take the bait. Instead, he skipped the problem with the Fully-Automated Bickering Machines entirely and told them to rent a few more warehouses.

Helpless, Zhang Wang could only follow his instructions.

Once Zhang Wang left, Pei Qian checked how all of his businesses were doing and then decided that he had to make a trip to Shang Yang Games.

GOG’s competition had completely overshadowed IOI’s over the weekend. That must have been a big blow for everyone at Shang Yang Games, who had probably lost their fighting spirit and enthusiasm.

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Still, that couldn’t be helped. Boss Pei had tried his best.

In fact, Pei Qian concluded that continuing to struggle would be pointless. He wanted to shorten their pain and turn IOI’s local server into a loss-incurring machine.

At that thought, he stood up to leave his office for Shang Yang Games, where he could check in on his employees.

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In Shang Yang Games’ conference room...

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Pei Qian and everyone at the office had nothing to say to one another. The atmosphere took a slight downturn.

That’s right... What should I say?

Ever since they started managing IOI’s local server, they had made three attacks. Yet, each time, GOG managed to completely deflect it. They had spent a considerable amount of money, but all of it had only served to aid GOG.

Now, GOG’s place in the market was as stable and unshakable as a mountain.

They already lost three times; could they still avoid admitting defeat? Did they really have to be defeated seven times before they gave up?