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That way, if something unexpected happens, we can bluff our way through using the excuse of us studying.

If possible, I didn’t want that kind of situation to occur.

From the moment we entered the room till now, everything was a defense strategy carried out based on Amasawa.

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After that, we spent our time on trivial topics.

Starting from the things I ran into at school today, and going back a few days to what happened then.

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Who we met up with in Golden Week, and what kind of TV we watched.

I looked at the pictures Kei took, wasting time together.

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We discussed all sorts of topics, long and short, sometimes switching over suddenly.

The two of us wasted a lot of time talking about useless stuff together. But this wasn’t a bad thing.

Unconsciously, I was starting to understand what love is, bit by bit.

An indoor date, with Kei sometimes laughing, sometimes angry, showing me all kinds of different expressions.

As we burned through the topics, the conversation between us gradually decreased. The casual chit chat started to disappear, and the amount of silence gradually increased. It was clear that the mood in the room had changed from what it had been previously.

Toward each other, we each began to feel something.

Began to be aware of something.

No, it’s not just something.

I already knew what it was.

Towards each other, the feelings of wanting to touch the other person, of craving a response, were gradually expanding.

But, this is something that didn’t need to be spoken.

Only our eyes that were looking at each other could communicate that.