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Ma Yang: “AEEIS, first verse: Plenty of passengers are passing through this spring river.”

AEEIS: “The bright moon has a bosom friend.”

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Ma Yang: “AEEIS, first verse: A thousand sails pass by the side of the heavy boat.”

AEEIS: “Leaves are falling before autumn.”

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Ma Yang quickly displayed AEEIS’ poetry function according to the contents of the proposal.

AEEIS mainly had three functions for poems: first, create a poem with a keyword as the theme; second, create an acrostic poem with a keyword; third, an automatic couplet.

These poems and couplets might have been automatically generated from the library of poetry, keywords, and algorithms, but AEEIS’ emotionless electronic voice sounded quite cool.

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The bullet screen was filled with all sorts of praises.

“Holy sh*t! Not only can this Bickering Machine swear excessively, it can also speak so eloquently?”

“The poems are not bad. They can be created based on keywords and can also be an acrostic poem. It can even match couplets! I guess it can probably beat 90%!o(MISSING)f the audience in the live-stream.”

“Be confident, it can probably beat 99.9%!o(MISSING)f us in a heartbeat!”

“Are these really automatically generated? Could it be a pre-planned program to trick us?”

“The Intelligent Bickering Machine that I bought has been updated as well. I tried it just now and it’s actually real! What’s more, it’s not even a seven-step poem. It’s a poem made in seconds. It’s ridiculous!”

“This function should have been specially developed, right? It’s obviously an artificial intelligence, but they developed a poetry function instead of practical functions? That’s really good! I like it!”

“This AEEIS persona is really interesting. Its general answers are very concise as well. When it bickers with you, it can use logic to make you speechless. The key is that it is very talented, and it’s very eloquent. It could come up with poems or couplets in a split second!”

“Overwhelming the master’s intelligence?”