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"What the hell? So it's a first for you too".

In the middle of this stale conversation, the signal that marks the match's start rang. And Sudou charged in ahead of everyone else.

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The more proactive members followed after him.

"This is bad, let's go Ayanokouji! I'd rather not get killed by Sudou for lazing off after!".

Ike, Yamauchi and I, the ones not suited for conflict, followed slowly behind the more proactive group. Much like us, the BC coalition has also divided its classes up cleanly between offense and defense.

It may be an obvious thing to do given that cooperation between them is more difficult than it is for the DA coalition. In the first round, it seems like it's going to be Class B defending the flag on their side.

The folks from Class B wait up ahead.

By the way, it's forbidden for an attacking team to interact with another attacking team.

At the very most, the rule is that the attacking team must necessarily attack the defending team.

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"Anyone who wants to die, bring it on!".

Saying something outrageously dangerous like that, Sudou tore into the opponent's defending team. Then, with a height and power that makes it hard to believe he's a 1st year high school student, he tears away at the students around the flag one by one.

"Stop---! Stop Sudou---!".

A portion of the defending team surrounds Sudou, accompanied by those screams from Class B.

"Hey you guys, follow quickly! I'll clear the way for you!".